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Whilst having made countless wedding videos for so many couples over many years and always being the man behind the camera and never in front of it, I got married 3 years ago and naturally had the whole day and evening filmed.  Once I edited it all, my wife and I actually got to re-live

our very special big day again and again along with all the happy memories that came with it. 

WE LOVE OUR WEDDING VIDEO and I think that you would love yours too.

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"i love my wedding video"

These are the words I always hear from all of my clients when I deliver their finished film.

My name is Derren Little and I have been producing beautifully filmed and stylishly edited wedding videos to a high quality standard

for over 20 years.​ From the moment I start to film your special day,  I never forget that it is YOUR special  occasion and the video needs to be produced to the style that suits YOU and that the final edited product reflects your  individual style and personality.

Whilst keeping up with the latest trends in video production, all of my films are made using the very latest in HD video cameras and editing software ensuring the highest quality of both high definition picture and supreme

sound quality.​


After a lot of planning and considerable expense, your wedding day will come and go with the only remaining memories being your photos to remind you of that very special day. 

A professionally produced wedding video will re-live that very special occasion forever and provide you with the memories to last you a lifetime.

You will be able to show your present and future friends, your family and your children what an incredible and amazing day you both shared together with loved ones on your wedding day... long after that day has come and gone.